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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  March 2, 2010 6:15pm-7:00pm EST

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this hour. speaker nancy pelosi said that she will wait in the ethics committee completes its report to make any decisions. but the tide within the party seems to be turning on the long-time servant. there are now eight democrats who have publicly called for, or voted for, rangel to give up his chairmanship. two have gone so far as to give back, or donate, money that rangel gave to their campaigns. and late today, ways and means member, congressman artur davis called on rang toll step aside as chairman. is growing. he's the first democratic member of the committee to do so. let me bring in another democrat asking charles rangel to give up the gavel, ohio congresswoman betty sutton. congresswoman, glad to have you with us tonight. why is it so important for mr. rangel to step aside as chairman when the house speaker is, in a sense, defending him saying let's wait until we have all the
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information and the ethics committee investigation is completed? why not wait? >> well, you know, ed, when i ran for congress in 2006, one of the promises that i made to the people that i sought to serve was that we would change the way washington does business and that included banning corporate funded travel. and i was proud when elected that on day one, we actually took to the house floor and as a member of the rules committee i was able to help pass that very rule. we now are at a place where chairman rangel has been admonished by the house ethics committee for a violation of that rule, and there are other allegations that are still pending. >> are you concerned about his tax returns? >> i'm concerned about the other allegations needing to be resolved at a time when our country is facing such strong challenges. i just think it's critically important that we be focused on the issues at hand. because i come from northeast
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ohio. and there are a lot of people out there who need jobs and i think that we need to be focused on getting things done for the american people. >> what does it mean that artur davis came out today and is now saying that mr. rangel's got to give up the chair? what do you think? >> well, i think we need to let mr. davis speak for himself but i just think that it is critically important that we put all of our energy and our focus into working on things that are really important to the american people, and that is jobs, jobs, jobs. >> i got that. we all got that. jobs definitely important especially in ohio. but do you think this creates a credibility problem for the democrats? nancy pelosi said she was going to drain the swamp. is charles rangel now part of the swamp? and is nancy pelosi not sticking up to his word? what do you think? >> no, think this isn't about being a democrat or a republican. >> but it's about draining the swamp. isn't it? >> it's about the american people and keeping faith with the american people. whether it is a friend or a foe, the reality is we were sent here
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to get things done for the people that we serve, and that's what this is about. it's not about charlie rangel and it's not about any one of us independently. it is about making sure that we preserve the public trust and stay focused on getting the policies done. >> betty sutton, thanks so much. >> thank you. takes guts to step out and say this. it also takes guts on the part of artur davis to step out. charles rangel's been around a long time, done a lot of good things for people, but this pressure is mounting. the next move i think is with the speaker of the house. coming up, the drugster's got a disgusting new nickname for the speaker of the house. mullah nancy bin pelosi. nice.
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in "psycho talk" tonight, the drugster's lashing out at one of his favorite targets -- house speaker nancy pelosi. now in an interview over the weekend, the speaker implied that members of congress should worry more about passing health care reform for the american people than keeping their jobs. well, rush decided that comment meant pelosi was a terrorist. >> here's the way we have to start looking at nancy pelosi. mullah nancy bin pelosi. she's no different than these mullahs, and these imams who convince all these people to put bombs on their kids and send them out there to blow up. she's exactly what she's doing to the democrat party. the only thing she can't do is
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promise them 73 virgins or whatever it is. >> drugster, i don't think nancy pelosi is the one encouraging violent self-destruction. it is your right wing cronies on the radio and the two who are egging on the tea partiers and other right extremists to go take out people they disagree with. >> if i want people in minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax because we need to fight back, we the people are going to have to fight back hard if we're not going to lose our country. >> progressivism is the cancer in america and it is eating our constitution. it must be cut out of the system because they cannot co-exist. you must eradicate it. it could k not co-exist. >> wow. a triple "psycho talk." is that a first? rushing with you better take a look at your own backyard before you start throwing out anymore of those accusations.
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comparing nancy pelosi to a terrorist it beyond "psycho talk." coming up, republican senator jon kyl jumped on jim bunning's bandwagon. he seems to think that people just love being out of a job. senator ron widen will respond to that next right here on "the ed show." stay with us, you're watchingi msnbc.
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welcome back to the ed show. thanks for watching tonight. after all their phony populism talk, the republicans' true colors are finally coming out. aren't they? and they are just as out of touch and insensitive to the plight of the american families as ever before. republican senator jim bunning of kentucky is still on a crusade to block out-of-work americans from getting their unemployment benefits. such a nice guy. other republicans like senator jon kyl of arizona, here's a dandy -- he's defending the obstruction but he goes so far as to say, you know, that
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unemployment checks make people not want to work. >> one of the subject of unemployment extension coverage we've just been debating. that doesn't create new jobs. in fact, if anything, continuing to pay people unemployment compensation is a disincentive for them to seek new work. but you can't argue that it's a job enhancer. if anything, as i said, it is a disincentive. and the same thing with the c.o.b.r.a extension and the other extensions here. >> senator jon kyl apparently thinks people out of work are just living large on unemployment. in his state of arizona, the most a person can receive is $240 a week. that's less than $13,000 a year. $13,000 a year? that's barely above the federal poverty level. this is what the late senator ted kennedy was talking all about when he accused the republicans of having a disdain
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for the working people of america. unemployment benefits are a mechanism to help americans preserve their dignity while in economic transition, especially in a devastated economy. jon kyl makes roughly $200,000 a year as a united states senator. he has the best health care in the country. and no chance of losing his job any time soon. he's not up for re-election until november 2012. so for him to broad-brush americans receiving unemployment as unmotivated to work underscores the insensitivity of the republican party. i wonder if mr. kyl has ever run a business, if he's ever met payroll. well, i don't know his fullback ground but i did google him today. uh, no. no. he's never broken out in a sweat in the middle of the night thinking about how am going to may payroll tomorrow?
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he's never had to worry about how many families are responsible for his performance. he was an attorney that worked at a law firm where he just, you know, did cases. then of course he worked for our friends over at the chamber of commerce who rely on memberships. and this is a guy who just harshly says, hey, people who don't have a job? they get on unemployment and they really don't want to go -- want to look for a job, they just sit home on under $13,000 a year. this is the republican party. they haven't changed, have they in joining me now, oregon senator ron wyden. good to have you with us tonight. let me know if i'm overboard on that. what do you think? >> i think this is basically a question of right or wrong, ed. this is about standing up for the most vulnerable people in our country. the fact of the matter is, if you make $250, $300 a week you are not living some life of
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leisure. you are not part of the lifestyles of the rich and fame urs. y you're trying to pay the food bill, rent bill. you're trying to put the essentials for your family out there so that he can survive. this is, in my view, just a fundamental question of getting done what's right for folks who are hurting. >> let's talk about senator bunning. what's this guy's program? and why not make him stay up all night? i mean you've been down that road, senator wyden. you were filibustering. you will to go through all that. of course on the right they're on pace for a record number in the session of the congress. why not make him stay all night and make his case? >> we are going to do that. we are going to insist that this get done, ed. we had a good session with senate democrats today. the bottom line here is we are going to get this done because there are --
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>> when is the all-nighter? >> we're going to get it done tonight. we have been pushing all through the day to work out an agreement. fortunately, naum ba number of colleagues on the other side of the aisle are trying to get to senator bunning and convince him that the logic here is just so obvious. i mean you've got economists, for example, people who are advising the republicans, that for every dollar of unemployment you get $1.64 in return. the point that senator kyl made about how unemployment in some way is a disincentive -- that's just flat-out wrong. to get unemployment benefits -- this is important for viewers -- you have to prove that you are out looking for work or losing those benefits. this is a lifeline and we're going to make sure people get it. >> this is senate majority leader harry reid talking about his friend over on the right. >> my friend talks about the debt. he wants to make sure that the debt doesn't go up.
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where was he during the bush years? unpaid wars, two wars unpaid for. taxes unpaid for. he's talking about paygo now? he voted against it. he voted against it right here on the senate floor. if he's so like paygo, why didn't he vote for it? he's throwing around words like hypocrite. people can make their own decision as to who is a hypocrite. i'm not calling anyone a hip trit, alth hipocrite, although i'm just stating facts. >> come on, harry! he's a hypocrite, of course he is. senator wyden, that kind of stuff frustrates me. but i realize you have to be polite and everything else in the senate and get along, at least try to. what is bunning doing here? is this a guy -- is he being put up by the conservatives, did they take him behind closed doors and say, look, you're
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getting out of here, you got nothing to lose, stick it to him? >> i believe they underestimated the force of the american people for justice and they certainly underestimated how strongly we feel in the senate democratic caucus. we're drawing a line in the sand here. this is about a 30-day extension. we'll have plenty of big-budget debates about the ten-year budget. this is going to be essential for the well being of millions of people. you talk about losing . your c.o.b.r.a.? kids are going to be deprived of the essentials they need, food and energy for their homes during a cold winter? this is about right and wrong. >> senator, thanks for signing on to that letter about the public option. you and two others signed on to
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it. >> voted for the public option twice. we'll make sure we hold those insurance companies accountable. >> thank you, ron. appreciate it. for more, let me bring in sam stein, political reporter for the "huffington post." well, sam, they're going to pull an all-nighter. does bun having it in him to stay up all night, every night, to get this thing done? >> probably not. all indications right now point to a deal being hashed out. essentially where they'll have a vote on what harry reid wants and then it will be followed -- what's his mission, sam? >> i'm not quite sure. looks like he caved on this one. initially jim bunning wanted the money spent on unemployment insurance to be offset by money from the unspent stimulus funds. they said, sure, we'll do a vote for it but he wouldn't let a vote happen because he knew his amendment would be defeated. now it seems like that's exactly what's going to happen. looks like it was a huge waste of time. a lot of people were left scared probably they weren't going to get the unemployment check. luckily these will go in retro actively, but what a
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distraction. >> bill halter, lieutenant governor of arkansas on our program exclusively tonight talking about the primary challenge. where's the white house reaction here? this guy has got $3 million from the afl-cio in a state that's really not known for union membership. this is going against the white house. here we have the white house supporting blanche lincoln and 15 months after putting barack obama in office, here's the union giving $3 million to somebody that the white house supports? what do you make of it? >> i think the story is beyond just the simple senate campaign in arkansas. there are real divisions within the democratic party where the progressive base and the labor community is fed up with the direction of legislative activity. white house has a policy of supporting incumbents as does the party committees, but the real enthusiasm is not with blanche lincoln, that's for sure. you see with the donations, you
6:40 pm
see with the coverage. people are yub set with the role she played in the health care debate as well as the role she's playing with the employee free choice act and they're going to take it out on her. >> sam stein, great to have you with us. always a pleasure. for more, let's bring in our panel tonight. democratic strategist todd webster with us, also republican strategist karen hanrady. tomorrow president obama -- i don't like this term because it is a bush term -- we'll get the way forward in health care. karen, stop smiling. this is a serious comment. >> i'm sorry. >> all right, what's the president going to do? is he going to give another olive branch to the conservatives to try to get something going on health care? what are your expectations? >> i have no expectations for tomorrow. what on earth is the president doing going out and holding yet another press conference? he held more speeches last year than any other president in his first term. he holds town hall meetings. he brings them all together in
6:41 pm
this boring summit last week and now he's going to go out there and talk again. i tell you what, man, if i were the democrats -- ed, it was boring! it didn't accomplish anything. >> it might have been boring. that's not what they were there for. not for entertainment. they were there to get something done. >> but they didn't get anything done. why are they still talking? why doesn't obama just get reid out there and say, listen, reconciliation, call a vote, get this thing done. this is talk, talk, talk. >> because the conservatives have been complaining about the fact this is going to get ram-rodded. todd webster, what's the president doing here? >> if he extends another olive branch, there's not going to be a tree left in the country of greece. he continues for -- we've given away single payor, the public option, medicare buy-in. i think he is genuinely trying to get bipartisan support. he spent a year trying to get olympia snowe and susan collins. he talked to the house caucus in baltimore, had the bipartisan town hall meeting on health care. i think he is genuinely, to his
6:42 pm
great credit -- and a bigger man than me for doing this -- he does want to make it bipartisan. >> is he trying to do that. to arkansas politics, todd, what do you think of this challenge? bill halter's not the most liberal guy on the face of the earth. all of a sudden these liberals groups are forking out all kinds of money. is the public option alone? >> the reality on the ground in arkansas is that blanche lincoln has a 27% approval rating, 59% disapproval rating. if bill halter is not on the ballot in november, then democrats are going to lose this seat for sure. i think that what he's doing is giving democrats in arkansas and giving voters in arkansas a real opportunity to support somebody who will do the right thing for ordinary americans for ordinary arkansasans for working families. blanche lincoln has been a corporatist democrat and taken more money from insurance companies and utilities and medical companies -- >> we all agree, blavnche lincon
6:43 pm
needs to go. i tell what you, though -- >> gop is loving this. you got to admit one thing, karen. none of the tea partiers have raked in the kind of money this guy did in 36 hours. this is a grassroots getting after it. this is change we can believe in, trying to get somebody in there who will do health care reform and the public option. think blanche lincoln's in trouble. but i want to ask you, is senator bunning a hypocrite to vote against paygo and now do this on the unemployment benefits? >> i'm going to call reid a weanie. that's really what you wanted to call him. >> i'm asking you, is jim bunning a hypocrite? >> yeah. think this whole thing is a complete waste of time. sam stein is right, they are going to get this passed. was not the hill to go run up today. you know what this -- this is just a ridiculous episode.
6:44 pm
it's like dwight shrute setting the office in a fire to make a point about office safety. >> why aren't any republicans calling him out? >> the republicans are calling him out. >> wait a minute, todd. >> hold on. susan collins -- >> what republicans are calling him out, karen? >> susan collins is the republican who called for consent. you've got mitch mcconnell, the leader of the lops's out there trying to get some deal for a consent vote. you know, if harry reid -- here's the talking point on the right. okay. the talking point on right is, they don't have to do this through consent. right? if harry reid really wanted to call up a vote he could call up a vote right now. >> they want to see them pull an all-nighter. >> but at the end of the day -- >> we'll have you back. you're a great panel. we got to go. >> he's not allowing a vote for -- >> don't worry about it. >> got to go. right wing extremists are on the rise across america.
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it's not too late to let us know what you think tonight. 1-877-ed-msnbc. tonight's telephone survey question is -- do you think the democrats have underestimated the power of the progressive base? press "1" for yes, "2" for no. again, 1-877-ed-msnbc.nt
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one tops them all. adding it helps us use less salt than before in campbell's tomato soup while keeping the famous flavor. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪ in my "playbook" tonight, if you think wackos like glenn beck and michelle bachman are the only ones, listen again. the number of ma shilitias and extremist anti-government groups shot up 44% last year. these guys aren't your average tea partiers. in the 1990s, some were
6:49 pm
responsible for the oklahoma city bombing. b joining me now, from the southern poverty law center, an organization that conducted this study, heidi, what constitutes a patriotic group that would be viewed as a hate group by your organization? how do you qualify this? >> yeah. well we don't call them patriotic groups. we call them "patriot" groups and put them in quotes because it is a bit of an oxymoron. many of these people are involved in efforts to somehow protect themselves or warn others from sort of impending doom coming from the federal government like the idea that you might be rounded up into concentration camps. that's just one sector of the radical right that we've been
6:50 pm
tracking lately. hate groups remain at an all-time high. those are racist groups. we had 932 of them this year. but the real explosion was the sector you were talking about where we saw a rise in patriot groups from 149 last year to 512 this year. that's like more than 240%. it's huge. >> well, patriot groups, meaning what? i mean they want to overthrow the government? they just hate obama? i've seen tea party videotape. i've never been to a tea party rally but the videotape has signs of the president obama with a hitler mustache on. is that a hate group? >> yeah. well, you're tapping into it. these are groups that might not be overtly racial, meaning that they're not white supremacists, they're not neo-nazi types or people who hate jews. those are hate groups. >> are they potentially active and dangerous. >> there is no question. the patriot groups are actually have a track record of violence that is longer than even the white supremacist groups we
6:51 pm
tracked. we've already had just in the last year six law enforcement officers murdered by people motivated by their hatred for obama or other kinds of hate doctrines. we also had even a guy who tried to do a dirty bomb because he hated obama so much. >> 932 hate groups. the number one state is texas. they have got 66 hate groups identified by your organization. california with 60, second. florida with 51. the source the southern poverty law center. heidi byrick, appreciate your time tonight. we have breaking news to report. the senate stand-off with senator bunning is over. kelly o'donnell will join us with details in just a moment. right here on "the ed show" on msnbc. oh sure, we have plenty of employees that... you can label as "different." like janice.
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welcome back to "the ed show." we have some breaking news to report. the senate standoff with senator bunning is over. kelly o'donnell joins me now with the latest from capitol hill. what happened here, kelly? >> reporter: well, ed, we've been scrambling to nail down the details and the standoff is over. how did they fix it? well, senator jim bunning, republican of kentucky, has agreed to allow a vote on one amendment that would pay for the cost of the $10 billion package that includes jobless benefits, some of the highway projects, all the things we've been talking about. by doing that, he will not object. that will allow this to go forward and presumably be passed. he will also get the opportunity to have two amendments on the
6:56 pm
larger package that they are preparing. that would cover unemployment benefits for the whole year of 2010, and a lot of these other kinds of important spending and really human service type benefits that we've been talking about. so it started thursday night where he said "i object," it has been kind of a brutal political battle on the floor of the senate. there's been republican resistance, lots of democrats. but it's over. they found a way to solve it. >> we were told just moments ago from this program on senator wyden they were going to stay all night. did the democrats call his bluff? >> they were lining people up to do just that. he said he would be prepared to stay late as well. but with the threat of a late night and seeing where this was going, they finally figured out a way to get it done. now remember, bunning says he was always for the extension of the job else benefits, just wanted to insist that the senate pay for it, find a way to offset a cost somewhere else, find the money someplace and that he would support it. it was a standoff that got a ton of attention, as you well know.
6:57 pm
they're going to try and sort it out now. >> quickly, kelly, tomorrow the president is going to talk about what he's going to accept as far as a compromise in health care reform. what is it? >> reporter: well, the president's going to encourage the adoption of four ideas that were really promoted by republicans. today republicans are saying they appreciate that but that doesn't do enough to solve some of their concerns. democrats are saying that they are ready to move forward, that they see that there are some in the house who are perhaps more willing to vote with this now than they were back during the holiday season. still some questions about how to bring about a simple majority vote. not easy, not clear. but democrats are looking more encouraged. republicans are saying they still believe that the general public doesn't like this form of the bill enough so their disagreements go on. >> kelly o'donnell with us tonight on capitol hill, thanks so much. tonight in our telephone survey, i asked you, do you think democrats have
6:58 pm
underestimated the power of the progressive base? 94% of you said yes. 64% said no. that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. for more information on "the ed show," go to or check out my radio website at you'll find my radio show on xm 167. noon to 3:00, monday through friday. "hardball" with chris matthews starts right now. you're watching the place for politics, msnbc. we'll see you back here tomorrow night for "the ed show." bunning throwing a shutout. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, mr. bunning gives it to washington. senators both democrats and republicans are attacking jim bunning for holding up a bill
6:59 pm
for unemployment benefits extension and highway construction. again today. he said his fellow senators refuse to pay for such measures and are just adding bill after


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